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The latest exhibition from the BROOKESart team - the BROOKEStock festival:

"What would a music festival made up of world class musicians look like in Barnsley? Come along to the Cooper Gallery this season when a vast array of bands old and new can be spotted playing in familiar locations in and around the town. In this delightful and playful exhibition of new work, pop artist Terry Brookes takes us to this imaginary gig, a must for music and art fans of all ages. All You Need Is!"

13th December 2019 - 7th March 2020. Festival gear optional. 3 months of Music, Peace, Love and Art.

The BROOKEStock festival was first mentioned in the "when the Beatles came to Barnsley" exhibition, when photos from Jimi's performance in Locke Park were displayed, along with a replica of his famous hand-painted flying V guitar.

This exhibition brings the full BROOKEStock festival experience up-to-date. Grab your poncho, tent and wellies and join the fun.

Seagull Ted is reborn as "Hippy Ted" and is resplendent in his grooviest tie-died T shirt and wellies in the Cooper Gallery windows.

Terry Brookes admires the Cooper window display.

Festival Sign

Curator Alison Cooper hitches a ride to the festival and observes everything on offer

Hippy Ted

Ted gets his groove on man

Practice with the Pooch

It's difficult to know who's howling is worse

Bedroom Blues

Striking a pose with the help of his mum's mirror. We've all done it.

Campervan Cocker

Sweep the Cocker Spaniel loves to get the wind in his ears........BROOKEStock here we come!


Communication Breakdown


Sheep on the wing

Well Known Treasures

Buy the T Shirt


Don't walk silence

My Favourite Pubs

The artists start to arrive for BROOKEStock. From Lennon to Warhol...... can you spot the celebs?

My Favourite Pubs No. 1

My Favourite Pubs No. 2

Gallery wall

Gallery wall

Festival Friends

Festival Pair

Peace and Love man....... before the mud

Elvis aim is true

Docs n' rocks

Footwear of choice for every festival

Quiz Night

Amy, Patti and Debbie try their hardest to win the gallon of beer in the pub quiz after striking lucky in the meat raffle, much to the annoyance of the locals

The Fabs and the Fountains

Leap of Faith

Love Is All You Need

Pepperland meets Abbey Road meets Market Hill

Mucky Fingers Live in the Park

The infamous Reef Kitchards, Nick Swagger, Donnie Good, Chalky Potts introduce their fans to their new No.1 hit "Black Pudding….why do you taste so good?"

Mucky Fingers Exile On Eldon Street

With hits such as Honky Tonk Wombwell and I Can't Get No Train to Shafton, here we have the rare coloured vinyl editions of the No. 1 album


Junction 37

Dummies at the Diner

Kling Klang......with respect to Edward Hopper

Rock the Clashbah

Should they stay or should they go?

White Man/Stylus

The Boss

On loan. Part of the Dickinson collection

Tony's Tips

Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi certainly lived up to the Iron Man name when he chopped off the ends of his fingers during a steel foundry accident. The metal tips he made for his fingers to enable him to carry on playing guitar gave birth to the Sabbath sound and Heavy Metal was born.

The Boys Are Back In Tarn

The Boys hit BROOKEStock hard on the Ring O' Bells stage

Red Right Hand

On a gathering storm comes

A tall handsome man

In a dusty black coat with

A red right hand

Gimme Your Hands

Ziggy and Ronno........for Leesa

Curator Alison inspects her handiwork

Rod The Mod

Do ya think I'm sexy?


The girl with a rose in her hair

Meltin' Marshmallow Blues

It's lucky the peckish Jimi happened to have his favourite snack in his guitar case

Purple Reign

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