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45 rpm

The Kids are Alright

2016. The Cooper Gallery. September through October.

Re-visiting my early years of music and art influences; the mod scene - parkas, scooters, Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Levi sta-prest, loafers. The music was always extraordinary - the advent of soul labels; Tamla Motown, Kent, Okeh, Stateside, Stax. Bands; The Small Faces, The Who, The Kinks, Amen Corner, and one of my favourite albums; Quadrophenia.

The fashion and music of the mod subculture hasn't changed much over the years. Kids (of all ages) still wear parkas, scooters are still popular. The appeal of the music has never diminished; bands such as The Jam, and the modfather Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis, have all carried the mantle of mod into the 21st Century. The Northern Soul scene is still as popular as ever.

With all this in mind the BROOKESart team got to work and 45rpm was born.

Keep the Faith

The 6 stages of the 45 rpm logo

45 rpm

The evolution of mod.

From the Beano to the NME......

Soul Labels: Tamla, Decca, Brunswick, Stateside

You can't get better than a red Brookbretta

One of the main attractions of 45 rpm was the Brookbretta Challenge. Visitors are invited to adorn the parka and helmet, mount the Brookbretta and adopt the Scooter Kid stance; be the Scooter Kid.

Have your photo taken, or take your own and post on Facebook or Twitter and tag in the Gallery. The best photo chosen weekly, will win a Scooter Kid print.

Even that cheeky Pokemon has left his Pokestop to have a go.

The Incredible Adventures of Skateboard Kid

These two fine chaps were winners of week 3 of the Brookbretta Challenge

The artist meets the winners

The Modessey

The Queen of The Scene

MOTARN - Hitsville South Yorkshire

This Week's MOTARN Top Ten..

The Hitsville South Yorkshire MOTARN record label is proud to present:

1. This Ol' Tart O' Mine - The Ardsley Brothers

2. Do Ah Love Thi (Tha Reyt, Ah Do) - Stan Wilson and the Snakes

3. Arr Lass - The Tarntations

4. What Becomes of the Silent Farters - Jimmy Guffin

5. Needle In a Pitstack - The Coalvillettes

6. I Heard It After Closing Time - Martin Grey

7. There's Some Coyle In Arr House - Arr Dean, Taylor

8. Ah Want Thi Back - The Kingstone 5

9. Vinyl Love - Sally & The Hearbeats


Broken Brookenbacker

Who......oops! Some musicians have been known to destroy their instruments during performances. Here's one that was salvaged from the Rock n' Roll scrapheap

The Hottest Ticket In Tarn

Iron Man

The Jam at the Civic Hall

Hot Ticket

Watching Weller

Pick A Rick

The Big 'Un

C30 C60 C90

Get Thi' Sen Back - The Beatles at Butterfields

Fred, Oo?, Red White & Blue, Old School Tie

His n' Hers - Love Amongst the Sand Dunes

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